Semmi Komoly 'Loss files the air' CD

For fans of The Separation, Failsafe For Tomorrow, Anti-Flag, Rise Against, Adjudgement, Integrity, Congress, etc.
Second full-length album from this Hungarian hardcore outfit.

Hardcore how it should be done. Angry yet clever. Powerful yet melodic. These guys will rock you. Probably the greatest hungarian band there’s ever been. Underground version of old Rise Against and Anti-Flag, inspired by bands like Choking Victim and The Clash. Fast melodies, poignant guitar riffs and vocals with personal engish lyrics.
Act Different, Think Indie say ‘Heavy catchy punk rock. That’s what you get from Semmi Komoly. The band started back in ’97 and the recipe was take some angry/bored teenagers, who mostly think of self-expression as something that is connected with music, pour some politics, fun, disillusionment and frustration into their witty heads and let them play loud and fast. Here’s the result. This is the second album from Semmi Komoly and they just keep getting better’.

Review by engineerrecords