Antitedax 's/t' CD


I can't help but giggle to the fact that this bands name, when spoken, sounds like you're saying "anti tea time" in Swedish. Without any knowledge of the Spanish language I think I can say that that's not what it actually means though.

So, what is it that hides behind this name then? A band that consist of seven people including three of them on vocals alone, the usual bass, guitar, drums, and a violin - quite the band. This lot delivers twenty-one, plus one extra, tracks of (most of the time) fast and energetic tunes. That these twenty-two outbursts only last for twenty-six minutes should be proof enough of their energy, right? A couple of tracks around one minute, a few around two, some there in between, and a handful of those thirty second ragers.
How does it sound then? Well, they're a thrashy Spanish hardcore band that also knows how to put the catchy stuff alongside the intense explosions. Despite that the band don't include the violin in all tracks and most of the time stick with the "ordinary" instruments, the fact remains that they do use it from time to time and this makes them stand out from the crowd. We've all heard the crusty bands with violins, but not so often the thrashy ones. The dual male and single female vocals are also adding a degree of variety and the three singers complement each other well.
As a closing I must say that this band grows on you and where I thought they failed to deliver in the early listens I'm now beginning to feel differently. Not a solid CD from start to finish but, while not being at the top, they're still on the upper half of the scale. Apart from doing their own stuff they borrow the music from Anti-Cimex in one track and also cover Doom, Human Bastard, Eskorbuto, and Cuarto Grado

Review by attackfanzine