Last Breath ZINE #5

For few years now Last breath zine is a leader in this part of Europe due to its quality, the fact that more than 30 people from ex YU countries contribute, continuity (at least once a year), but mostly because it's still in printed form (and it will stay that way) despite the huge Internet expansion. So far we had 4 issues, total of 2000 copies was printed and sold and we were also giving away CD samplers from various labels with the zine.

This issue brings:


PETER & The TEST TUBE BABIES - one of the best punk bands ever

BRATPACK - new and maybe the best EU band right now, influenced by RKL/ADOLESCENTS/early NOFX, new LP just released on various labels from Serbia/Holland and Germany!!!!

NIGHSTICK JUSTICE - new but very good band from US, fast 80s hardcore!!!

UNISON - hm...definitely the best HC/PUNK band from Serbia, more than 10 releases on various labels & 14 years of playing are reasons to have them in zine!!!

FPO - the most active PUNk band from this part of Europe!!! This will be their farewell interview!!!

Ragman - garage punk heroes!!!

DHP AK47 records - Croatian label with more than 50 releases, anarhcopunksxeyouthcrew....

MOONLEE RECORDS - this is label is home of amazing bands such as Analena and Senata Fox.....

Scene reports:



Photo pages with various bands: MDC, DI, Spermbirds, Kud Idijoti, Pankrti….Columns, many reviews of zines/books/records....(last time here were more than 100 of it)...

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