The gentle art of chokin' 's/t' mCD

In comparison to the previous releases of this Hamburg/Bremen based four-piece, this is what i would call the straight and
consistent advancement. After releasing two convincing split 7inches in 2006/2007, The Gentle Art returns with a new guitar
player and an onslaught of 13 new tunes in less than 12 minutes. Starting off with a torpedo-like thrash attack they’re well
known for, they leave the caved fastcore-path every now and then, turning into more complex riffing and casual heavy breakdowns,
just followed by their established hacksaw stop and go blast-parts. While 80’s thrash is still on the map and the whole
powerviolence thing kept at the back of one’s mind, their range of influences seems to broaden, and that’s what
The Gentle Art Of Chokin is definitely in line with!

Review by flowerviolence