Bill Skins Fifth 's/t' CD

"A pretty strange album from Macedonia of all places (which was previously a part of Yugoslavia, if yer geography is rusty), sent to us by Fuck Yoga Records. The bizarre name is a reference to Silence Of The Lambs, and these guys aren't the only band to use it: some quick google scanning turned up a Texan harsh noise outfit from the early '90s that had members of Black Leather Jesus and a funk-punk band from Oregon who both used the same name.
The Macedonian Bill Skins Fifth is neither harsh power electronics nor Faith No More-influenced rap gunk, however. Rather, these weirdos cobble together a chaotic, fucked-up mess of neurotic metalcore, jazz, mathy indie rock, and melodic post-hardcore that's pretty damn experimental and disjointed but actually manages to keep me interested in spite of it schizo patchwork of dissonant metallic hardcore somewhere in between older Converge and Botch colliding head-on with jangly angular guitars, pop hooks, Primus-y basslines, and full on blasts of free jazz. I think there's some kind of concept at work here, with the series of illustrations in the booklet and the abstract personal lyrics seeming to tie into an ongoing story the band is telling with this album, but I'm not too sure. In any case, this is some cool, damaged metalcore weirdness, that's for sure."