Ass'n'dick/Anti-beat/Schtern/Petrifie 4 way split CD

Punk crust machine from Southern France their latest records on death666 shows a complex but very talented assembling of beatbox mechanics rythms with loud noise guitar, bass and vocals played against the speedcore rythms. Their albums shows a complex assembling of many influences from punk hardcore to the classic elecro beats, a symbiosis and perfection rarely heard in punk music since the hybrid melt down of The Anti Beat. Their great energy is captured on sound recordings from the first four tracks attack to polished studio sessions. The principle of beatbox with isnstruments gives a new breath to the style positioning in a new form of original musical creation

Punk rock band from Southern france as well composing music in the classic punk hardcore style adding various influences from death metal and other parrallel universe, showing a diversity in sound from the first recordings full of technical flaws to their latest recordings full of bright frequencies and high speed energy. First recordings made at their home with limited sound equipment capture a brutality in sound and a high level attack, the music filled like a puzzling hybrid of death metal and punk. The latest studio sessions gives to the band the perfect sound for immortality.