When My Authorities Fall 's/t' Demo

When My Authorities Fall was a political hardcore punk /anarchopunk rock band from Rīga, Latvia. Years active from 2002 till 2006.
The music employs good dynamics and falls somewhere between contemporary screamo and classic ’90s emocore. The dual male vocals really drive this music. The vocals blend slightly off key higher pitched singing with a heavier, lower pitched screaming. 
When My Authorities lyrics range from personal struggle in the world of communicating images to direct critiques of spectacular society, state fascism and commodity driven lifestyles. Most of their lyrics are in Latvian and English with explanations in both languages. The songs tackle border issues (which is making serious headlines in the states right now), addictions, and the possibilities of living autonomously. The translations and explanations are exact, which is always helpful.

The original lineup :

Mārtiņš Kauss - vocals;
Jēkabs Januševskis - vocals;
Jānis Januševskis - guitar;
Andris Liepiņš - guitar;
Ivo - bass guitar;
Jānis Burmeisters - drums (currently Tesa)