Drama 's/t' CD


Drama started playing in 2005, but after several changes, it was in june of that year when the line-up is finally consolidated and since then didn't change. We have been doing things but combining it with some pauses because holidays with moments of stress when projects pile up. Our discography begins the only way we could afford, with a self-released demo DIY (2005).
Later we recorded in the studio, the 7” titled CREACION DESTRUCTIVA, which was released by Communichaos (Suecia), Hysterical (Barcelona-Mexico), Clitocore, No Regrets and Ojala me muera (Barcelona). So then, vinyl was again the option to release the new songs on a new 7” titled “SIN PERDÓN” (2010), which is released by Hysterical (Barcelona-Mexico), RedStar 77 (Barcelona-Alemania) and Ojala me muera (Barcelona).

Throughout this time we have been playing loads of shows in the Barcelona hardcore punk scene, and we have always tried to make some short trips around the Spanish state (Basque Country, Castellón, Alicante, Murcia, Zaragoza, etc) and also abroad (Germany and Poland). There are many special moments and they can't be named all, but it’s worth mentioning some examples that describe the course of the band, like going on tour with a Twingo, Lady fest in Warsaw, Take Back The Night fest in Hamburg, the release show of our first 7” at “Ateneu de Vallcarca” and the shows with Yoli (from our sister band, Go! Popitas) helping us with the bass.
On february 2010, we were on tour around Germany releasing our 7inch "SIN PERDÓN", we enjoyed a lot be there and we met lot cool people/bands. Danke schön!
DRAMA openly stand agaisnt fascism, racism, sexism/chauvanism, homophobia, etc.
We want to keep on enjoying the crowd when they don’t stop dancing, when they sing along even not knowing the lyrics at all, when someone wears our t-shirts or pins, the delicious vegan/getarian dinners, the beers, the chats on the road, the friendships we make and the laughs, but also the commitment and the message that we bring and share wherever we go.
Nowadays we are writting new songs for a new album, and new shows coming on. Just stay tuned about next news!

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