Csihás Benö split Ljubiša Samardžić

Csihas Beno (Čihaš Bene) is Balkan diy power violence/hard core band that was formed during the september of 2007 in Sombor ( a small town in the north of Serbia).
From the beginnig we tried not to be another boring band that sings about wars, shit that's happening around the world, corruption, sold-out bands... Who gives a shit about that?! That is why our music and lyrics are based on sarcasm, pointless things that are surrounding us, irony, personal experiences...etc. During the august of 2008 we've recorded an album "Cyber dark - Trade mark" that was released on CD in Croatia by diy distro/recs "Demonkracija". In 2009 we had mini tour in Croatia with our bros from Ljubiša Samardžić (hardcore/crust/metal), and many other gigs. DeathMutt recs from Malesya released our second CD with bonus live tracks in end of 2009. We've recorded new material and we're waiting for it to be released on split with Ljubiša Samardžić. We would like to play/jam, as much as we can, hang around with friends, drink, meet new people, spread the positive idea that band carries, and enjoy in it with other people! Right now we're working on some new releases, writing new songs...We would also like to make a split 7" with some other diy band....If you're interested in releasing our stuffs please get in touch. DIY!! Contact us at: csihasbeno@gmail.com

Ljubiša Samardžić is a hardcore/crust band formed by some of the ex-members from AK47, Fight Back, Pristup A.R., Bad Justice.
They have released an album called “Ljubav naša nek’ te vodi”, and a 10” split with Chihas Beno, with their side titled “Frst tajm in sinema / First time in cinema”