Abnormi 'Avunhuuto' 7inch

Damn, this is raging hardcore/punk from Finland with a pretty raw recording and a hard-edged old school style akin to the anger and moderate speeds of the mid-80's with a more aggressive and pounding sort of speed and drive akin to the modern take on Discharge-esque material or something like that.
I have to confess that there's a little too much grating noise in the mix for me, which really sort of erases the bass presence and makes the guitars sound odd and a bit detuned, but the vocals sound really good. There's no denying songs like the title track, which is fast as hell and among the more straightforward pissed off attacks, even getting slightly heavier in delivery. Some of the faster vocal patterns and backing yells are also a nice touch, but boy, that recording can really get abrasive on the ears after as little as three minutes or so! I like side B better because the songs all go with a high energy level of constant speed and just a smidge more melody mixed in there to give the songs an extra punch (check out the awesome "Entä Huomenna"). The sleeve looks too pixilated for me, all of the text looks like it was printed from a web page or something, so they need a better presentation here. All of the lyrics are in Finnish but according to the explanations provided state that the tracks cover everything from the world post-9/11, to rehabilitating criminals, or violence, and maintaining a sense of anger about the world's problems. Not bad at all. A little rough around the edges, but good. I'll be curious to hear more from this band at some point. (6/10)

Review by aversionline