Kobra XI // S.I.K.A. EP

Kroba XI starts of with this bombastic sound of harsh guitars, a down deep rawwwwwww overall, screams and grunts.. it reminds me a bit on one band.. and yes.. they must be influanced by them cause they play a Monster X cover "leggalize".
It's only fast forward with these guys and I must say I like it. I'm not that much in to the grindcore thing for some years now.. but hearing this I know I still like it.. haha it's good fun to listen to. About S.I.K.A., I thought my Slovakian friends didn't play anymore and "plop" there is their best release on my record player!? Their old styled punk sound with the Slovak lyrics feels so good to hear. If they said these where recordings from 1984 I also would take it. If you are into crudos or those new wave of Scandinavian punkband you will love S.I.K.A., fast forward hardcore with screamy vocals.

Review by interpunk