Deprogrammazione/Sposa In Alto Mare split EP

Italians do it better!!! Yes, it's true, from cooking to playing football, from corrupt lawyers to...playing grindcore !!!'s time to kick the ass! We are very proud to introduce to the world both sides of "bel paese". Deprogrammazione are one of the most interesting band in Italy and play a creepy & frantic grindcore with a strong negative-black metal feeling. Their songs will not leave you indifferent with their twisted but massive structure guided by frozen riff, pounding rhythmic and ermetic lyrics. Too much serious for your deviated taste...just play the flipside! Sposa In Alto Mare are the right answer! Totally crazy and out of control, they joke on you with a chainsaw...try to put in your blender a bit of thrash metal sound, toothpaste, your sister's Barbie, trash-TV and the Spazztic Blurr demo and you will...ehm...what about titles like "Rockabilli Gates" and "Must kill the old young"???

Review by grindblockrecords