Choose Your Path 'The Journey' CD

Millions of people trying to find the real meaning of their lives Trying to fill it with content and enduring remembrance which will be worthy to look on from the solitude of the deathbed.Many of us force rules upon them selfes for the true (they believe) consummation but just a few suceed in it. Because what we do is just enough for the level of subsistence but hardly to find the proper purpose.Along the way we become dusty and enervate and blind, to see the end of the tunnel where the light will emerge our souls with it's destiny.Wetransmit our hopes and beliefs to an other generation.Weguarantee the physical and mental education for our children from our money but there's just one problem we never assure the choice for their own freedom and spiritual manifestation.In our music we try to express our choices and opinions irrespectively of every regularity.It's our own lives and minutes which we want to control and spend by own rules. Our music is a labyrinth of different frame of minds, visions and unsolved puzzles from singing and dancing dead bodies. So Choose Your Path!