Straight Opposition 'fury stands unbeaten' CD


10 songs of piss off - hateful hardcore from Italy In the veins of Terror, Slapshot, Knuckledust and Integrity... Old school hate!
Since 2004 we play a raw, violent and piss off hardcore in vein of bands like slapshot, knuckledust, terror and much more uncompromising hardcore band with an enraged attitude and critical opinion; Our official release’s are: “promo 2004" in veins of band like biohazard, bulldoze, downset and beatdown hardcore style . “Step by Step" (2006, Indelirium records) is the first full lenght between old and new school with low tunes and a destructive attitude that remind to bands like integrity, terror, knuckledust in a personal way without too many mosh parts . Also for Indelirium records is out “Gathered against mediocracy" 2008 which continues to explore modern solutions toghether with the violent, fast, aggressive and uncompromising old school hardcore just in 12 minutes of hate.

In the fall of 2009 there is a new release containing all our discography called "20 Steps on Mediocracy", out for Bldcloth Records (Bulgaria), contains all our music since the first demo until "Gathered against Mediocracy". We are also in a 3 way split for the World’s Appreciated Kitsch label from Greece, “Finish what you started“, and on the following magazine sampler: Rock Sound and Punkster. 4 Europen tours and something like 170 live shows toghether with bands like Slapshot, Cataract, Espriti Du Clan, Paura, XBirds of featherX, Bridge To Solace, 99 Posse, Payback, Strength Approach, Surge Of Fury and many more.

Review by indelirium records