OvO 'Cor Cordium' CD


Insane Italian experimental metal duo OvO has released a sixth beastly blast of noise and they’re calling it Cor Cordium. From start to finish it sounds like a hellmouth opened in a recording studio, which is every bit as fascinating as that sounds.

The main attraction is the panoply of uncanny sounds that emerge from vocalist/guitarist Stefania Pendretti’s throat. On “Lungo Computo” her vocals sound like the gabbling of a madwoman or of some half-human monster. On a song like “Nosferatu” it’s a low, gruff growl that sounds an awful lot like a magic incantation for raising an army of ghouls. A moment later she sounds like one of those ghouls trying to roar with decaying vocal chords.

It’s jarring when she suddenly sounds human again on “Marie” — at least she sounds human in the beginning anyway. She’ll chill your blood and hold your attention in a steely grip. And you’ll be a willing captive.

The whole album does strike an engaging balance between chaos, and just the right amount of a groove. Other than that, it’s hard to generalize from song to song. “Penumbra Y Caos” starts out like gremlins covering Motorhead before becoming an all instrumental noise experiment. The songs range in length from just over a minute to almost ten minutes.

On that long one, “Smelling Death Around,” OvO honors their terrifying Italian predecessors Goblin, who composed the blood-curdling soundtracks to classic horror films like Suspiria. Goblin used creepy electronic sounds to create their dark soundscapes, but OvO manages to carry on that atmospheric tradition using mainly rumbling guitars, black metal inspired drumming and Pendretti’s unnatural voice, which, by the way, includes animalistic bleating and bird-like vibrato.

OvO is like a pair of horror soundtrack composers in search of a film. All they need now is a Daria Argento to provide the unearthly cinematic visions that they’ve been scoring all this time.

Review by www.mtviggy.com