Nikki Louder 'Silent Bird' CD


Nikki Louder, a threepeice, formed in summer 2007 whose members are Blaž Sever (vocal,guitar), Luka Cerar (drums) and Peter Cerar (bass, electric organ).

The band's first gigs and recordings took place in the fall 2007 and soon they released their debut Silent Bird EP with 5 songs. In October 2008 Nikki Louder were chosen to perform on the »Klubski maraton« concert tour under the organization of Radio študent. After the Klubski maraton the collaboration between Nikki Louder and Radio študent continued and the band decided to record their second album in Radio študent's studios. The result was their first LP - Alain I'm Sorry that was released both on vinyl as well as on the CD.
Though their music might be compared with bands such as Nirvana, At The Drive-In, Sonic Youth or Arab on Radar, Nikki Louder tend to create their own unique sound, that could be best described as sonic rock. 

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