The Lines We Cross CD


The Lines We Cross was founded in autumn 2007 by Florus (guitar), Cornelius (guitar), Alex (bass) and Ulle (drums). At the beginning of 2008 Sepp deceided to do the vocals, so the first line up was perfect.

After first shows with bands like WE ONCE LOVED, MAKE IT COUNT or BLACK FRIDAY 29 the band published in the end of 2008 her first s/t Demo CD. In the following two years TLWC plays shows during three tours through europe in countries like France, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Czech Republik.
The line up changed a little bit in the last two years. Since March 2011 Björn do the vocals, Cornelius and G.M. play guitar, Alex plays Bass and Johannes the drum set. The band shared the stage with bands like NO TURNING BACK (NL), BREAKDOWN (USA), RITUAL, QUESTIONS (BRA) or BACKFIRE (NL). 
It's really hard to explain the style of our music. The whole music is a mixture of oldschool hardcore and melodic parts. TLWC set a great importance to individuality and distinctiveness of the own songs. The first album "screams at sunday morning" was recorded in summer 2010 and is available by Steeltown Records since april 2011. In june 2011 we reorded a new s/t 7 inch ep, which will also be released at Steeltown Records!"