Elodea 'Cataclysmic' CD


   This may be yet another example of your average everyday bit of Neurosis worship, but I bow down at the altar of Neurosis a little bit every day myself, so to hear something that does the job for me in the most impeccable manner, in terms of songwriting, presentation, production and intention, is a most satisfying thing indeed.
 Essentially, it's the old slow, quiet build-up giving way to crushing payoff technique that you've heard many a time before, but there's a refreshingly small amount of fannying about with the effective atmospherics, which are dealt with in a timely fashion in order to get to the real meat of the satisfyingly chunky heaviness. Imagine the earlier, simpler Isis material before they forgot to rock and got allusions to artistry. Songs are drawn out with monumental riffs, but it never gets boring, the sense of timing and pace always in the right ballpark. This is really superb.