Despite Everything CD


Out of the sewers of Greece's dirty capital, buried underneath the Acropolis, breathes lives and exists this 4 piece ticking time bomb in a basement situated in the dodgiest street in Athens. Formed in early 2008 by fellow individuals colliding with each other to create music made with passion, for those willing to put their fists up and sing their hearts out in an effort to not to be silenced by the sound of a city drowning in its own dirty waters.
Have released so far two 7'' EP's,"In Desperate Times" (2009) and "With My Bear Hands" (2010), and are in the middle of working on their full length LP scheduled to be out Spring '11. The band drove around Greece and Europe in the spring 2010 "Castaways tour" for one month playing 26 shows in the dirtiest squats, basements, garages, and bars. Holding strong diy ethics, the band records themselves alone, silk screen and design their own merch, and book their own tours. The band is grateful to be a part of this diy movement and soon enough will be around to share their music, thoughts, and rebel yells in a town near you. "when rain is pouring down on our cities made of steel, we're bound to rust away."

Review by the band