Free Music Impulse compilation double CD

Free Music Impulse is a self production (edition of 800) of Hybrida, cultural association of Tarcento (UD – Italy). Free Music Impulse is the result of all the bands that have played at Hybrida donating a song to us to help us to pay the legal costs. Free Music Impulse is the incomplete story of these eight years. Let yourself be swept along by the flow of analogical, electronic, acoustic and digital sound. What emerges is our harvest, a unstable dimension that is the fruit of exchange, contacts and connections that define this hybrid creature.

P.O.V. 'Semne' CD

Fast Hardcore Punk from Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Sole and the Skyrider Band 'Hello Cruel World' Double LP

Back in the early half of the last decade, when Anticon was more of an abstract-rap collective and less of an experimental indie pop label, Sole was arguably the crew's most intriguing figure-- a self-lacerating prophet figure who jumbled the personal and the political into a blur of half-formed conceptual syllable-spray. He rapped so fast that you actually needed the lyric sheet he'd helpfully include in his albums, and those lyrics would be so dense and jangled that you'd also need the little mini-essays he'd pen about each song and its inspirations. Self-seriousness was his thing, and it could sometimes be a weakness; it's a big part of the reason he came out on the losing end of a terrifically entertaining beef with El-P (El: "I feel like Selena, the president of my fan club trying to kill me"). But that intensity also turned him into a compelling figure. "The white man's the fucking devil," he almost-famously roared in 2003. And yes, he's white. Obviously.

I Stared into the Forest 'society discontinued' CD

A bunch of people brought together by their love for DIY hardcore. We’re not reinventing hardcore but we sure like to play it. We’re opposed to discrimination and any totalitarian beliefs.
The first record is out on Fading Halo Records

Zann 'Three Years In The Desert' LP

Zann is a chaotic hardcore punk band from Leipzig/Berlin/Jena (DE) founded in 1999. They sprang out of the late 90s hardcore scene in eastern Germany. The lineup for their first show was Robert(voc), Mark(drm), Uwe(bas), Ronny(git). John(git) joined after their second show at the Zoro in Leipzig.

The music is influenced by bands like Chokehold, Unbroken, Born Against, Gehenna, Swing Kids, Rites of Spring and many more.

CN Roundhouse Kick 's/t' 7inch

To make a long boring story short: 4 smart guys are playing some asskicking music and call themself CN Roundhouse Kick. since july 2007 we played more than 60 shows in countries like czech republic, hungary, slovakia, romania, sweden, denmark and the united kingdom, had a couple of line up changes, met some awesome people and did everything by ourselfs.

Review by elementaryrevolt

Grin And Bear It 'Demo' 7inch

Grin and Bear It – Insane grime-stained powerviolence/hardcore stuff from Cleveland, OH.
So fast and so ugly…it’s amazing.
They also have these “take-second-and-hold-your-breath”-moments…to calm for a minute but then right after they ripped it all apart in the next second.

Review by missthestars

Distinct Cult 'Blood Stained Lies' TAPE

CN Roundhouse kick 'Phantomschmerz' TAPE

German hardcore has built its own reputation over the last few decades, and so I'm not going to waste our time by going over specifics that you already know. The point is that CN Roundhouse Kick are a German hardcore band from Leipzig, and they have just released an LP entitled Phantomschmerz. Does it rip? Yes it does.

Fallen Into Ashes 'Laments for lost victories' CD